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Pastors Jonathan & Tatianna Merritt

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Pastors Jonathan & Tatianna Merritt Bio

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At an early age, one could witness that Jonathan Andrew Merritt had the presence of God’s spirit moving in his life. Prophecy was spoken over Jonathan even before his birth. His father, Bishop Andrew Merritt, prophesied that this son, Jonathan, would be born on his birthday of November 28, and it was so. Jonathan, like his father, shares the same birth date of the 28th of November.

The Spirit of God was, once again, moving on Jonathan’s behalf, when on the sixth day of his birth, he was anointed with oil and dedicated by Brother Kenneth Copeland before thirteen thousand believers. Brother Copeland prayed that Jonathan would walk in faith, walk in love, walk in the Word of God; and he declared that he would not know the sting and hurt of sickness nor disease. A few months later, Jonathan’s physician gave a report that he would have to take medication throughout his life. This was not the report of God and Jonathan was healed.

Jonathan is anointed with several ministry gifts, including: administration, leadership, teacher and pastor. He confesses that he knows he is blessed because he was raised in a loving and Godly home and the Spirit of God was always present. Although he is at the young age of 37, he has experienced a lifetime of learning to love the Lord, trust in the Lord, put the Lord first in all things, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and walk by faith. He has watched his parents touch the hearts, minds and souls of their congregation. As the son of Bishop Andrew and Pastor Viveca Merritt, the founders of Straight Gate International Church in Detroit, Jonathan has learned many important lessons from those whom he describes as, “the greatest role models a son could have”— his parents. They have shown him great humility, strength and perseverance, and inspired in him a passion for Christ.

He has walked in the vision God gave his father more than 42 years ago… “To reach the city, nation and world for Jesus Christ.” He realizes that this vision can transform the lives of millions from darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. Jonathan knows that God has called him to be a part of fulfilling this vision and to give voice to the vision for the next generation. God is a generational God. Jonathan has devoted himself to the Ministry of Helps, and has assisted in the Music and Media Ministry.

In obedience to the Will of God, Jonathan Andrew Merritt was ordained as a minister in February 2010. In May of 2010, he began serving as the church administrator. Three years later in 2013, his additional assignment was Pastor of Straight Gate International Church–West, located in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

In 2014, he assumed the responsibility of Administrator of the Joseph Business School-Straight Gate International Church campus site. He is also a board member of “Give Merit”, a non-profit organization.

Jonathan is a graduate of West Bloomfield High School and is the only basketball player in the school’s history to receive All-State First Team Honors. He is a 2005 graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA degree in General Studies and a concentration in Business. He was married on October 24, 2010 to his lovely wife Tatianna, and they are the parents of four incredible children; Lillian Grace, Cristina Faith, Andrew Merritt II, and Alexandria Hope.